5 Effective Ways to Clean Bathroom Ceramics, Guaranteed Shiny!

Cleaning bathroom tiles is easier this way! Who would like to be in a dirty bathroom? Besides making us uncomfortable, an unclean bathroom can also be a den of bacteria and germs. What’s more, if there is dirt that is difficult to clean on bathroom tiles. so annoying!Indeed, cleaning the bathroom is one of the burdensome activities because they have to deal with disgusting dirt. Not infrequently we also have difficulty cleaning bathroom tiles that are crusty due to various impurities. Powerful tricks to clean bathroom ceramics Usually, it takes more struggle to clean bathroom tiles. But don’t worry!

1. Vinegar

Dirt, mold, and mildew attached to bathroom ceramics can become crusty if not cleaned properly. But who would have thought, it turns out vinegar could be an ingredient for cleaning bathroom ceramics you know!

Let’s follow the steps below:

• Prepare white vinegar, spray bottles, and freshly boiled hot water

• Put the white vinegar in the spray bottle

• Flush the walls and floors of the bathroom with hot water to help smear the crust

• Spray vinegar throughout the bathroom tile and then set aside some time

• Rub with a brush then rinse thoroughly

2. Baking soda

Other kitchen ingredients that have hidden benefits for cleaning bathroom tiles are baking soda. So that your bathroom ceramics free from the crust or stubborn dirt, use baking soda in sufficient quantities huh!

How the heck? Come follow the steps below!

• Prepare baking soda and hot water

• Dab the walls and floors of the bathroom with baking soda

• Splash hot water then let stand for about one hour

• Ceramic bathroom brush using a brush or coarse wire

• Rinse thoroughly

3. Noniodine salt

Tips for cleaning the bathroom tile next, using non-iodine coarse salt. Like scrubs, salt with a high rough and rich mineral structure is very effective to remove scale on the walls or bathroom floor.

Clean bathroom ceramics using non-iodine salt, the more effective you know if you add white vinegar. How the heck? Come see below!

• Prepare 2 kg of non-iodine salt and enough white vinegar

• Flush or spray white vinegar on the bathroom tile

Sprinkle non-iodine salt and rub with aluminum wire

• After being brushed clean, rinse the entire area with warm water

4. Chlorine

This one material is known to be effective for cleaning dull bathroom tiles. Even chlorine is known to be very powerful, you know, get rid of the crust of dirt in ceramics.

Chlorine itself can easily be found in chemical stores. Clean bathroom ceramics using chlorine in the following steps!

• Prepare the chlorine powder and hot water that has just boiled

• Pour the bathroom floors and walls with hot water

• Sprinkle chlorine powder throughout the ceramic you want to clean

• Leave it for about 30 minutes

• Rub the area with a brush

• Rinse with clean water

5. Cleaning liquid

Tips on cleaning bathroom tiles this one is arguably the most simple. You can use special ceramic cleaning fluids available in supermarkets, such as Porstex.

The product was specially formulated to get rid of chalk, soap crust, or other impurities on ceramics.

It’s easy to do! Let’s follow the steps here:

• Prepare cleaning products

• Pour cleaning products on the ceramic that you want to clean

• Rub the area with a brush and then leave it for 10-15 minutes

• Brush again then rinse with clean water

So, there are five effective ways to clean bathroom tiles that are dull or crusty. What are you waiting for? Let’s clean your bathroom to be clean and shiny again!