Create a Comfortable and Quiet Atmosphere at Home

An introvert is a term for people who prefer solitude and find it difficult to enjoy the crowd. Because of his lonely penchant, many thought introverts were home-based people, even though that wasn’t entirely true. They only need a safe, comfortable and quiet space to think. Especially after experiencing discomfort about the surrounding noise.

If you are one of those introverted types, it is also necessary to learn the habit of treating your home with love. Appropriate and wise in placing the goods and how you spend time at home.

The following home decorating tips can be your guide, how to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere of the house.

Looking for peace

Sounds coming from equipment and machinery at home often produce noisy sounds that are uncomfortable to hear. Replacing old equipment with a new design will produce less sound. Apart from that, this saves more energy as well.

You really can’t avoid the noise of neighbors or the noise of the streets from outside. Overcome by making the interior soundproof, so you still get comfort while at home. Install weatherstripping placed around the door or carpet to absorb sound.

Make a Comfortable Room

The dominance of the white color makes the room feel more spacious. In general, introverts feel uncomfortable with spaces that are too flashy. Even not infrequently, they feel at home in a half-empty room. The space is minimal furniture that makes them comfortable and quiet.

In the world of home decoration, calm and minimal are often in a line. Therefore, having furniture and decoration that gives a sense of comfort and calm is an important point. Many rooms have hard and sharp corners, apparently proved to be closely related to negative emotions. This too sharp angle can deeply activate the amygdala nerve, the response center that determines feelings of fear. Chaos can increase levels of stress hormones, cortisol and make the mind work harder than usual.

Introverts will feel comfortable developing in softer spaces with many round surfaces. A clean surface and not too full space are the main strategies.

Placing Furniture & Accessories

Introverts will feel comfortable in a room with furniture clustered around the corner. They do not feel comfortable with the amount of furniture around. This disturbs his feelings because he feels like a big social gathering.

An introvert personality prefers intimate interaction with many people. Therefore, make a sitting area that can only be filled by a few people. Put a few chairs or sofas so that the conversation is more intimate with just one or two people. Laying accessories also need attention. You can put paintings, posters, stacks of books, toys, and ornamental plants. Put these accessories in the room, kitchen, dining room or family room.

Creating Special Areas

Pondering, reading books and activities carried out alone, is a favorite activity of introverts. So, create a special area to “run away” so you can rest and recharge your energy. These special areas can be in rooms, balconies, near windows, patios, backyards or other areas and spaces that can provide tranquility.