Dwelling, house and residential: in the direction of a house-led perspective on dementia care

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According to Bollnow, we have to method the problem of lived space “with the least potential prejudice” (Bollnow 1961, p. 31) and to enquire into the inside construction of area, because it concretely appears in our experience. This is clearly the language of a phenomenologist for whom the concrete lived space, the area by which a human being perceives and strikes, is entirely completely different from the summary space of mathematicians and scientists. This paper primarily focuses on the second constituent of the lifeworld talked about, that is, spatiality. Spatiality refers to our being part of the physical environing world.

Houses and houses have been recognised as an essential floor upon which most of the most prominent theoretical questions of social science unfold, from the character of kinship, to the reproduction of sophistication and gender variations, to the shaping of sensory data. On the opposite hand, nevertheless, homes and homes often remain out of focus, with their ability to floor and form social life merely taken without any consideration and missing analytical elaboration.

Even in research targeted on physical homes and different structures, residence typically comes to life not as a symbolic or materials form, but as an experiential and relational category. If asked to think about home, most of us will come to think about a specific house or building.

I have chosen dementia and the care for persons affected by dementia as an example so as to elucidate the scientific, practical and philosophical significance of a phenomenological strategy of house. Many folks affected by dementia don’t reside in their own house, however in a home for the aged, a nursing house, or a psychiatric institution. Care given to those individuals should give attention to making them really feel at home in a homelike “surrogate residence.” Bachelard’s very concrete phenomenology can play a task right here. The architecture of such a surrogate home can contribute considerably to the nicely-being of its inhabitants.

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The everyday actions of eating, sleeping, and entertaining are key criteria within the life of a home, whether or not a single room or a larger structure. Here, then, one can argue that “home” is a composite of the building itself and the life that unfolds inside it. Thus, the interior of the home represents the heart of the house and is a safe space for the most “unguarded” and relaxed conduct. The fruits of our collaborative efforts is always the distinctive fulfillment of every shopper’s vision. Time and again the House & Home group has skilled the good pleasure of “welcoming residence” treasured shoppers with whom we worked intimately and tirelessly to complete their vision of residence.

Designed by the award-profitable New York-based mostly agency Ralph Appelbaum Associates, the exhibition is an immersive expertise in which the galleries come alive with objects, photographs, and sound. The exhibition features “please-contact” walls made out of different supplies utilized in residential development over time, from adobe bricks to structural insulated panel (SIP) systems.

The spatial experience of those individuals encompasses places beyond the boundaries of their houses, corresponding to shops, nursing houses, their grownup kids’s houses, and the spatial expertise created while getting out to adult day programmes. The threshold phenomenon, as has been described by Heidegger and Bollnow, supplies a pure fit with the empirical findings. The interviewed persons differentiated between the being here of living alone in their very own houses on the one hand, and the being there of the nursing home and the being out in the community on the other. As these quotations demonstrate, Bachelard’s phenomenology is far faraway from Husserl’s idea of phenomenology.

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If you might be delivering meals, think about leaving a package on their doorstep without making bodily contact. If you are doing cleansing chores or other housework, think about having them sit somewhere comfortable away from you whilst you work, so you are not in close contact. Make positive they are feeling properly and ask them if they have sufficient of their regular medicines everytime you visit. You must preserve bodily distancing by preserving a minimum of 1.5 metres between yourself and others at all times. Make a listing of the things you need, shop rapidly and minimise the time you spend there.