Types of Best Floor Tiles For Homes

Although the floor is the last part to be installed when building a house. However, the floor will provide a maximum representation of the concept of a house that was built as a whole. Therefore, in the selection of design or type of floor used cannot be underestimated. From the selection of materials, motifs and even the price of the floor must be adjusted to the area and function of each room. With so many choices of floor tiles available today, you can adjust them to your budget and also the concept of the house you will use. Here are 7 types of floor tiles that are the best choice suitable for building a house!

1. Tile Tile

Types of tiles that are often used by various groups, namely tiles. Tile type tiles have a variety of classic motifs that are sold at quite affordable prices. Tegel is produced using a mixture of concrete sand, cement, on the top. So that tile tiles have a heavy enough weight makes it must require sufficient accuracy when installing it. However, this type of tile can be classified as durable with fairly simple maintenance.

2. Marble tiles

Tiles which are often referred to as marble are floor tiles derived from chunks of marble. So that will give the impression of luxury in a room that uses this type of tile. Famous for its durability, this tile is often used as a wall covering for houses. With the characteristics of natural colors, glossy and can absorb liquid quickly making marble tiles have a fairly expensive price.

3. Granite Tiles

In contrast to marble tiles that can absorb liquid easily, granite tiles have less absorption so they can be easily maintained. The advantages of this tile have a glossy outer surface like glass. Also, granite can support heavy loads up to 500 kg per square meter. This tile looks luxurious and is very strong.

4. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is a type of floor tile that is so popular in Indonesia. This is based on the many variants of colors, shapes, textures, and patterns provided by ceramic tiles. Made from clay which is burned at a certain temperature and then coated with glaze. For sale at a fairly affordable price, ceramic tiles have a cool character because they do not carry heat.

5. Stone Stone

With its rough surface characteristics, making stone type tiles is very suitable to be applied on the porch and bathroom because it is not slippery. Maintenance of stone tiles is very minimal but this type of tile has very good strength so it can be used in a long time.

6. Wooden Tiles

The use of wood type tiles will have a very high aesthetic value in the room. This type of tile has 3 kinds of choices, namely solid wood which is cut directly from teak, or Merbabu. Wood engineering from low-quality solid wood coated with high-quality wood veneer. And laminate wood made from sawdust. So do not be surprised if these tiles are sold at high prices and require accuracy in maintenance.

7. Vinyl Spray

With polyvinyl chloride base material making this floor an alternative type of tile with a minimal budget. Fashionable and modern impression on the room at a very affordable price. Also, vinyl is very comfortable to tread because its surface is smoother than wood type floor tiles.

Those are some choices of the best types of floor tiles that you can use in building a house. You can choose the alternative tiles above according to the budget you provide but can still follow the concept of the room to be adopted. Always calculate carefully to provide maximum results into your room. Don’t forget to find out information about cheap homes, always visit