Disease control and integrated disease management

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Integrated disease management is actually the control of diseases by using different ways. It should be done in initial and early stages of a disease. It is the application of all the ways to cure a particular disease. It is the best way of disease management.

For example, you are suffering from back pain due to your muscles, you must take proper medicines. Proper physiotherapy is also necessary for this. You should apply some muscle relaxant gel on your back as well as you should also take pain killers, if necessary. Moreover, you should sit according to a good posture of sitting, which is suitable for your ways. By doing all these measures at a time, your disease will heal soon. Otherwise, if you will do only one of the above measures, your disease will take a lot of time to heal soon.

Epidemics should also be control. There are some diseases which are spreading widely among the people, especially in poor and unhygienic areas. You should do proper precautionary measures for their control. Foe this, there must be cleanliness all over. Drinking water should be fresh and purified. Also, streets should be paved. There should not be any sort of wastes. There should be a strict check on all the food companies and restaurants. There should be a lot of food inspectors so that they can check the quality of food. After checking the quality of food, it should be provided to people. Hospitals should be made better. There should be economical ways of treating poor people in hospitals. If there is a disease that spreads by insects, e.g. Dengue, Malaria, the water must be drained properly so that these animals should not increase in number. If the epidemic is due to contamination of water, it should be controlled. There should be mosquito sprays so that they could not attack people.

And suppose that if a person has fallen prey to a disease, he should be treated in a hospital in early stages. There should be proper analysis of diseases and they should be controlled in time so that they may not spread like a disaster. Hospitals should be hygienic and proper health measures should be taken. Proper medicines should be given to the people so that they may recover in time, without much loss of health. Also, there should be seminars to aware people about the health. They should be asked to take proper diet. People with old age should be in contact with a proper nutritionist. Young students should be asked to take part in games which will not only boost up their energy but also it will make them much immune.

Proper guidance is much important. People should be guided for all the epidemics and their control so that they will not suffer from much health problems. Public health measures should be taken to improve the living condition of poor people especially in rural areas. In this way, a number of diseases can be controlled.